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Hi! I'mTiffany and I am 12 years old. I have loved singing since very young but I also enjoy acting a lot!. I have been blessed and honoured to have won gold awards and commendations from both local and non local adjudicators who have commended my vocal and performing abilities plus I have also won Festivals for young muiscians and talent compoetitions which has been exciting but humbling and it all encourages me to go on and on doing what I love the most....singing to make people happy and forget their problems for at leat a while!
A few years ago I reocrded my first original single in memory of my late sister, Andrya who is surely now my guardian angel and making all this possioble for me. The proceeds all went towards charity. After that, I was very lucky to record my first album 'Music and Me', which is available in itunes.
My mum is always supporting me since I was little, never giving up on me and sacrificng a lot for me therefore I wish to make her proud some day and actually make it in this tough and compettitive world, which i love to bits! I wish all the very best to all the stars out there, who like me never ever give up in pursuing their dreams.Good luck my friends, may we reach our goals some day, all ,my love, XX TIFFANY XX