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How many times can I vote?

You can vote once per day, per contestant.

How does the contestant get a gold star?

When the red voting bar becomes full, it will reset and the contestant will be awarded a full star. A contestant can gain red, silver and gold stars depending on the number of votes they receive.

Hmmm, why do you need my name and email address?

We need your name and email address to confirm that all votes are genuine, and to prevent multiple votes for the same contestant.

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The Edge are an exciting, entertaining and energetic 4 piece party band who specialise in modern party music including songs by Daft Punk, Calvin Harris, Pink, Rihanna and Bruno Mars and also throw in classic dance floor fillers including songs such as \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'love shack\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\', \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'play that funky music\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\', \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'I wanna dance with somebody\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\', \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'ve got a feeling\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\', \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'human\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' and many more.

From start to finish the edge deliver a lively, fun and funky performance and really know how to make your wedding, function or birthday the best it can be.

The edge have performed at different venues across the world in countries such as India, Morocco and Portugal for clients including Mercedes,the Harlequins and Red Bull to name but a few

Members of the band have also worked along side such artists as Pixie Lott, Motörhead, the Damned and Eliza Doolittle

They are very accommodating when it comes to your individual event and offer a bespoke service specifically tailored to your requirements so please get in touch to hear our range of packages we have on offer