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Get Drunk

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Make You Proud was prod by Lu Balz and is the first single off my upcoming EP "Happy Hour" which will be released in early 2014 and hosted by Mr. Peter Parker. It has features from artists Gio Dee, Kyle Bent, and Huey Mack as of now. Make You Proud tells the story of my life in losing my D1 hockey carer being cut from Union just halfway through my freshman year. After making music for the past year I have been hit with enormous backlash from my friends for becoming a "rapper" and so this song was a direct comment to those who doubt as I just want to show everyone I really can do this and all I want to do is to make everyone proud.

Get Drunk was a single without an album!

Please do me a favor and give this an honest look

TJ Hickey
twitter: @tj_hickey

Bio: TJ Hickey is a 22 year old up and comer out of Boston MA signed with Producerboyz and Mr. Peter Parker consisting of artists Bramzwig, Kyle Bent, Jack Fiskio, Big Kurt, No Trace and more. After comminitting to hockeypower house Union College for ice hockey he was cut just months into his freshmanyear and took on music. This summer he has opened up for artists Shwayze, Cam Meekins, Mike Stud, Kyle Bent and headlined a sold out show in PA. His EP "Happy Hour" is coming soon!