Siobhan Smith - The Weakness In My Soul

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Born and raised in New York Siobhán grew up in a family immersed in Irish Traditional Music and Dance. Siobhán learned all she could want to know about the foundations of music under the teaching of classical violinist Roberta Kaufman Stalzer. For nine years she was classically trained on violin and viola, as well as flute, completing highest levels in all instruments. Over her 'classical years' she played with various symphonies and orchestras including the esteemed South Shore Symphony. Throughout this period, however, Siobhán continued to pursue her true passion - Irish Traditional Music.
Siobhán was trained in Trad by renowned fiddler Pete Kelly of Galway, joining him and Martin Mulhare in the “Pete Kelly Ceili Band”. From this springboard, Siobhán immersed herself in the music scene of New York, playing at ceili's for the various Ceoltas branches and at Feis Ceoil's all around America for Irish Step Dancing competitions. Also a keen stepdancer (taught by the legendary Donny Golden), she graced the boards all over America, including dancing with the Chieftans in concert. Playing with, and learning from, great musicians from coast to coast, there was one key element missing in Siobhán’s idea of being a true Trad player.
Leaving the New York Trad scene in 2006, Siobhán moved to Dublin to further her education, completing an honors B.A. degree in Business Studies and Marketing at Dublin City University. While studying at DCU Siobhán had the opportunity to gain more experience playing with some of the best musicians in the country, and moved onto becoming a full-time professional musician herself after graduating in 2009. She can now be seen playing all over Ireland at various sessions and festivals and she frequently gigs and tours world-wide. Over the past few years Siobhán has toured with dance shows: "Gaelforce Dance" around the Czech Republic, Poland, Kaliningrad, Latvia, & Lithuania, "Dance of Desire" in Australia, and "Dance Masters" in Germany. She has also toured Holland, Norway, Morocco, and extensively throughout the United States including New York, Miami & Las Vegas, and has recently returned from touring all over Russia with "Gaelforce Dance".
Putting together her debut album was the culmination of all these experiences, and Siobhán wanted to meld together the wide range of influences and styles from the musicians that she has played with and learned from over the years. She is very excited for her future as a solo artist, complementing her other touring and sessions with songwriting and recording.