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Love Life Mashup 2014

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I have performed all over the UK performing as a solo artist. I am Enthusiastic, Persistant, Passionate, have Creative Ideas and very Ambitious.
Objectives. To have chart success with own music. To become a successful TV Presenter and to collaborate with artists and projects. TV, Film, Radio, Music & Arts.

I have recently been interviewed on SKY TV's 'Cruise with the Stars' hosted by Debi Jobes. I have also been nominated for a Sky TV Music Express for the Best Male Newcomer Award. I am also in the process of writing an all new original album. I have recently been involved with The Collective & Urban Souls as a song writer and vocalist resulting in Four new song releases The First Time I Met You, Times Change,'Sunshine & City Life which have been released on iTunes, Amazon and Deezer.

I am always looking for new opportunities so please feel free to inbox me! My latest Song ''Times Change'' is part of my debut Album ''Love Life'' currently in production due to be released in 2014.

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regards Si