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Orly started to sing from the age of 10 months old. Her Mother, Rose had heard her singing a famous Hebrew song and she knew from that moment that Orly would one day become a singer. At the age of 12 Orly started to take vocal lessons, being taught by some of the greatest vocal teachers of the time in Israel.
Orly has a Soprano singing voice and she is known in Israel as "The singer with the gentle voice”. She owns a large recording studio in Israel called ‘SPS’ ('Sound Productions Studio').

A song of Orly and Ofer's called 'I'm All Yours' was recognized as 'an entry of merit' in the 2003 Unisong International Competition in the U.S.A. Another song that Orly wrote the lyrics for called "Keep on Moving”, with music composed by Ofer Hamerman, was chosen as one of the top 20 songs in the Dance/Electronic song category in the 2005-2006 “Unisong” International Competition in the U.S.A. Also, in the same competition, Orly's latest release "See the Stars Tonight" (lyrics by Paul Robert Thomas and composition, instruments & music production by Ofer Hamerman) was chosen to be in the top 20 of the Honorable Songs Ballad category 2009.
Orly received an honorable award from the UK's great Venture Radio station http://www.ventureradio.co.uk (run by the presenters Tracy Clark & John Peters) by being chosen by the listeners as the 'Artist of the Year' 2008.
Orly was also chosen to be one of the 'Special Mentioned' artists in the Best Female Solo artist category of the Music Aid competition in 2009.

Orly has performed a number of live concerts in France, at Toulouse, Marseille & Nice which were very successful and she was interviewed there by a popular French radio station after which they played an original song of Orly's on air. She has also been interviewed by a popular music station in Israel after which they also broadcasted a number of her songs. Orly has also performed on the Russian TV channel & also recently on the Romanian TV channel "Antena1" on the "Duminica in Familie" family entertainment show with Michaella Radulescu, as well as appearing on Israeli TV on culture shows.

Orly’s Father was born & raised in Romania as were both sides of her grandparents – ‘Romanian blood is flowing in my arteries’ says Orly!

Orly is also proud to announce a new version of the 'Ray of Hope' song, a duet performed by Orly with the UK singer Ade Carr and with the lyrics written by the President of Israel, Mr. Shimon Peres and composed by Ade Carr & arranged by both Ade Carr & Ofer Hamerman, who also produced the music, in just 2 weeks has reached number one in the ReverbNation song site's local chart in Israel.
The Israeli President Mr. Shimon Peres wrote the lyrics as a dedication to Peace. He is a visionary and felt that through the Songweavers.com site a message to the world would be conveyed for peace and unity through music. Having musicians from all over the world collaborate in their own language as representatives of their country of origin exhibited unity and helped to spread the message of peace all around the globe.
The International CD “Ray of Hope' is now on sale at http://www.songweavers.com/cs/music/ray-of-hope.html. Orly hopes that you enjoy listening to and supporting this great cause.

Also, the Songweavers/Falling Walls Production of the"After The Rain" CD is now available for digital purchase on iTunes in the US, Mexico, Australia/New Zealand, Canada, UK/European Union, and Japan and Orly's song ‘My Angel’ appears on the album. You can purchase one song or the entire CD and all proceeds go to St. Jude's Children's Hospital.

Orly released her brand new International CD called ‘A Million Love Songs’ (with lyrics by Paul Robert Thomas, composed, arranged and produced by Ofer Hamerman), and the songs from the album can be heard played on radio all across Europe, the USA, Australia etc. and the album has gained very positive feedback and is becoming very popular the world over.

Recently, the album 'A Million Love Songs' was signed to the legendary ACM Records in New York and the songs from the album are available to download at all good download sites including Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00AGTXBGA/ref=sr_1_album_5_rd?ie=UTF8&child=B00AGTXDKY&qid=1354675660&sr=1-5.

Orly's profile page at ACM Records is at http://acmrecords.com/artists-n.php?cmd=view&artist_name=Orly%20Vardy and the album's profile is at http://acmrecords.com/music-n.php?cmd=view&upc=762521056125.

'A Million Love Songs' popular Facebook profile page is: http://www.FaceBook.com/AMillionLoveSongs