Helena Mace - Million Miles

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Rock, Pop, Jazz and Original artist, Helena, has been singing and performing from a very young age. Over the years she has had plenty of experience in the music industry as a soloist as well as having her own band and duo as well as a songwriter for herself and other artists.
Helena has been brought up in the music and entertainment world and was influenced in her early years from artists such as Blondie and Madonna as well as her father who was a singer and bassist in the 60′s and 70′s. Helena has a major love of music and a natural unique vocal.
She released her debut album “Enlightened” worldwide which received fantastic reviews and accolades as well as worldwide airplay. Helena recorded her part of “Rock For Your Children”– a charity single for worldwide song project against children in poverty and for children rights along with Dave Cousins (The Strawbs), Sandra (Enigma), Mick Rogers (Manfred Mann´s Earthband) as well as others.. Her next track “Million Miles” was then released – again a radio favourite. She is currently receiving rave reviews in the USA.
She is now working on her second album and the first single ‘Promise’ reached the official Irish chart and the I tunes chart and her eagerly awaited follow up single ‘New Beginning’ was recently released. Other great tracks are soon to follow.
With fantastic cover versions from a repertoire of hundreds of well known tracks, she can be booked as a solo singer or as a duo.
With her own original material, she is a radio favourite. She hit the Irish official chart with her track ‘Promise’ and will treat an audience to a live personal performance of original material if requested. She has been described by the industry and fans as the South’s Leading female vocalist and an amazing new lyricist who now writes not only for herself but other artists.
She is suitable for pubs, clubs, wedding, parties, tinsel and turkey and corporate events and has a natural flair for playing to all ages. She can perform a specialist set of Rock or 80′s or a mix of era’s and genre’s from Jazz to Pop.