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Gather Up Your Spine

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KERRANG! - 'We'll set the world alight!' cries A Mouth Full of Matches' fresh-faced front man, Tom Buxton. Who knows? Simply by virtue of being so unexpectedly anthemic on this EP, A Mouth Full Of Matches' threats may prove valid after all." KKK

POWER PLAY MAGAZINE - "AMFOM is a band with definite promise" 7/10

ROCKTOPIA'S FIREWORKS MAGAZINE - 'TASTING FIRE' sounds more relevant than most new bands starting out and all the better for it"

Formed in late 2012, UK based alternative rock band A Mouth Full Of Matches have wasted little time in making an impact on the rock scene.

The band, featuring twin sisters Jane and Helen Hebenton, alongside Tom Buxton and Mark Holden and new drummer Steven Hall, share a passion for hard-hitting yet melodic modern rock with the emphasis on a solid song writing and outstanding musicianship.

The quintet recently recorded their debut release ‘Tasting Fire’ at Anemic studios under the guidance of producer Kevin Peters and have recorded a video for the upcoming single ‘Gather Up Your Spine’, due out in July.

A Mouth Full Of Matches will be hitting the road in support of ‘Tasting Fire’ throughout the summer (and beyond) with a string of live shows.

Miss them at your peril!