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Kirsten age 17yrs has done many things from stage to TV, Kirsten there is lots going on in 2013 for Kirsten we hope you will all join us on the journey, plenty of shown coming up dates always in the events panel,also more recordings of new songs that we hope to share with you all very soon. Kirsten did record her first album called if i could back in 2010 which is on all major download stores like cdbaby/amazon/itunes ect,also has recorded a single for inspirato records which was released 7th may2012, and has recorded a new single with mr dean jablonski from Canada called my love along with a mtv style video which can be seen on you-tube, and ,kirsten recorded a single called valentine 2012 which we hope to get released in the near-future, also she has had a rotary community award for all her charity work she has done, last year alone she attended over 30 shows to help raise funds for charities,she has won many other awards for her vocals and awarded best up and coming female vocalist clubland awards in south wales,Kirsten stayed at no1 for the imn charts in America with the song dance with my father,Kirsten is also known as the troops sweetheart as she has performed twice now for the armed forces weekend in Sunderland.Kirsten travels to many places with her singing and hopes it will continue,she is very excited to be performing with the bachelors this Christmas for the start of there 50th anniversary tour in Cambridge, at the moment Kirsten is enjoying her music career and hopes to take it further.