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Kim\\\'s first love is to sing and dance , as soon as she could speak she was trying to copy the hottest tunes on the radio.

An \\\'in demand\\\' Model she has also featured in commercial videos, calendars, and film work.

Kim\\\'s experience has seen her perform at many shows and venues across the country, her determination to enjoy her trade shines through.

She was spotted performing at the MEN Arena in December 2011 supporting the Saturdays. A 100% dedicated artist she has now found a management team worthy of her talents.

2013 has been an incredible journey for Kim , she\\\'s headlined at Londons amazing Hippodrome casino four times , travelled to Spain to appear at the Starlite festival , ( Bryan Adams, Enrique Iglasias etc) , she\\\'s become a regular feature at Londons amazing RITZ, and also sang live in front of 23,000 at Selhurst Park .. and many many more appearances throughout the UK , including BBC Radio .. Amy Winehouses guitarist Robin Banerjee has featured with Kim many times , and feels she has the potential to be a massive star..

Kim has turned heads in USA and in November she flew to Atlanta to work with 2x Grammy recipient Mack Woodward, and In December she flew out again to work with Multi Platinum record singer songwriter JR Richards .. Compliments are coming in thick and fast , Kim is working her way to the top of the music mountain , she has an incredible voice , and sings from the heart ... please see her website for more info