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Arina Domski – is a Ukrainian singer with a beautiful soprano voice. The only singer in Ukraine, performing in the Classical crossover genre. This musical genre includes elements of classical music with other musical styles. Every day, Classical crossover is becoming more and more popular around the world. As a separate genre, Classical crossover became popular with the performances of Placido Domingo, Jose Carreras and Luciano Pavarotti. As for today, the most popular artist performing in this genre, are Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli.

In 2012, Arina Domski presented her first single and the video “Ti Amero”, which got into rotation on the British CMusic TV channel. In April 2012 the singer was invited to the “Vienna Ball ” in Kazakhstan, where she performed on the same stage with Lara Fabian. Later, Arina was the one to open the “Vienna Opera Ball ” in Russia and the “Christmas Ball” in Spain. She often performs on prestigious ceremonies in Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia, Ukraine.

Arina’s repertoire is based on classical compositions. The unique sound of these compositions is one of the artist’s main features. Beautiful appearance, original scenic characters and unique musical material – all this makes Arina a sensual and much loved artist.

Arina Domski is very much into volunteering and charity. From time to time, Arina gives concerts in orphanages, takes part in charity moves for anti-cancer and orphanage fundraising. She took part in the “Together against mammary cancer” move, organized by “Avon”. In 2009, together with the current World Boxing Champion Volodymyr Klichko, Arina took part in the “Chestnut Sprout” social charity move. The funds, raised form this event were given to children’s cardiological hospital in Kiev.

Every year, Arina takes part in the “Compassion” annual charity concert against AIDs on the World Day against AIDs.

Arina, with attractive appearance, can often be seen on the front page of different magazines (<<Отдохни>>, <<Добрые советы>> ...), takes part in photo sessions for magazines like “Viva”, “Story”, “Glianec”. In 2011 Arina Domski was chosen to be one of the Most Beautiful Ukrainian women, according to the “Viva” magazine. Apart from that, Russian and Spanish magazines are also writing about Arina.


Arina Domski.

Place of birth: Kiev, Ukraine.


School № 78, № 165.

When she was eight she started singing in the children's group "Svitanok", performing in different contests and festivals all over the world. Later she graduated from Kyiv State Institute of Music after R.M. Gliera and National Music Academy in the name of P. I. Tchaikovsky - the class of academic singing.

Pop-music period (2007-2011):

In 2007 Arina took part in the first season of the “Star Factory” show in Ukraine. In the same year she also released her first single and video “Никто не виноват” (Nobody is guilty).

In 2008 Arina sang the soundtrack to the “Don’t rush love” movie. In May 2008, for artistic achievements, Arina received the “Success Favourites” grand-prix in the “Breakthrough of the Year” nomination.
In January 2009, at the IXth International Successful Women Festival “Mrs. Ukraine Open”, Arina received two titles for her merits: “Miss Success” and “Miss Amour”.
In 2010, “Moon records” released Arina’s debut album “When we’re thinking the same” (Когда думаем об одном). Later in the year “1+1” TV channel invited Arina to take part in the Ukrainian version of the “Superstar” TV show. Arina got to the finals from the first try.
2007 - Никто не виноват (Nobody is guilty)
2008 – Невозможно (Impossible)
2008 - Не торопи любовь (Don’t rush love)
2009 - Прости,что я не ангел (Sorry, I’m not an angel)
2010 - Когда думаем об одном (When we’re thinking the same)
2011 - Просто любить (Just to love)
2012 - Ti amero
2010 - Когда думаем об одном (When we’re thinking the same)
TV show:
2007 – Фабрика звезд (Star Factory)
2010 – Суперзвезда (Superstar)

Starting from 2011, Arina is performing in the Classical crossover genre, and has already reached many heights.