Alesi Summer - "The Voice Within"

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"One Night Only"

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My name is Alesi Summer I'm a 13 year old Singer/Songwriter/Performer from Birmingham UK, I have always been Passionate about performing; the stage is where I feel most at home. My focus and direction changed around 2 years ago when I entered my first singing competition I decided this was the direction I wanted to go in, my ultimate dream now is to become a world class recording artist.

In the short time Alesi has been singing she has built up a considerable Fan base especially on YouTube Facebook and Twitter.

Alesi loves to perform live and can be found most weekends at one venue or another, whether it is charity events, competitions or just for fun the stage is her home.

Alesi’s Recent Achievements,

Finalist @ Stratfords Got Talent 2013

Finalist @ The Crowns Got Talent 2013

Winner @Kenilworth's Got Talent 2013

Winner @The Wow Factor 2013 (Sutton Coldfield Carnival)

Area Finalist @ Teen Star UK 2013

Regional Finalist @ Britain Does Variety 2013

2nd Place @ Beat100 Cover Chart

Regional Finalist @ Teen Star 2013 Birmingham NEC (Through to Area Finals)

Winner @ The Crowns Got Talent 2012

Regional Finalist @ Open Mic UK 2012

Winner @ Ruberys got Talent 2012

Winner @ Smartfest UK Search For a Star 2012

Finalist @ Let Talent Do the Talking 2012

Finalist @ Brit Idol 2012

Regional Finalist @ Britain Does Variety 2012